With the Gold Market at an all-time high, now is a great time to sell your gold material. Everyone has a different reason for wanting to sell scrap gold & jewelry for cash. Whatever your reason, Alamo City Gold & Silver Exchange offers fast, friendly service that puts a check in your hand when you need it, satisfaction guaranteed.

If you’re wondering where to sell gold coins online, at a convention center, or in response to a newspaper ad at a hotel, think no further - Don't! If want to find out the selling price of gold coins or jewelry visit your local gold dealer - Alamo City Gold & Silver Exchange. We have been a trusted scrap gold and coin buyer for nearly three decades. We will evaluate your gold coins, gold jewelry, and other scrap gold items and then hand you cash or check right away. Right in your hometown. When people ask where to sell gold coins online, the answer is: Alamo City Gold & Silver Exchange. For easy, safe transactions and fast, friendly service, visit Alamo City Gold & Silver Exchange or mail in your gold coins and scrap gold jewelry today.

Alamo City Gold & Silver Exchange makes selling your unwanted or broken gold jewelry or platinum material very easy. Some of you may think that taking your gold jewelry to a pawnbroker is a quick way to get some extra cash. While a pawnbroker may know something about the value of your jewelry, they are in the re-sale business and therefore cannot offer you nearly as much money for your gold as we can.

Do you have any reservations about selling gold coins and jewelry with us? Contact our customer service department and we'll address your needs promptly -- you will learn how helpful we can be throughout the gold selling process from start to finish.

We offer our customers unsurpassed settlements for all their gold or platinum material. We pay you an amount of money for your gold that's in line with what the gold is actually worth. Why pawn your gold when you can sell it outright for its true value?

Visit in person or send your gold via registered Mail to:

950 NE Loop 410 
San Antonio, TX 78209




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