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Memorial Jewelry

It has been said "When a police officer is killed, 

it's not an agency that loses an officer, it's an entire nation."

To honor those who have given their lives to protect and serve, through law enforcement agencies, fireman and emergency services- SADIAMONDS owners, 

David and Charlotte Putnam, donate a free Silver badge, 

personalized from their department, to a surviving family member. 
God Bless those who deal with the loss of a loved one on a daily basis.


We offer unique one of a kind Memorial Jewelry pieces

to celebrate the sacrifice and courage of Officer's 

who have died in the line of Duty 

Angel Wings with shield and badge number







Sterling Silver Cuff Bracelet with name and date engraved


5/8" Miniature Badge Earrings / Tie Tac


1/2" Miniature Badge Earrings 




Sterling Silver Money Clip with miniature badge 

We also offer both Gold and Sterling Silver Badge Tie Tacs and Rings

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