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special order pendants and charms are handcrafted and are made to suit each individual customer.  We generally have most items finished and ready to ship within a week's time.  Please allow at least 7 to 10 days for merchandise to ship.  

Charges are made to your credit card when you place your order.
Special orders are charged once the order is received and are non-refundable.

Orders are shipped United States Postal Service (USPS) Priority Mail - insured for the value of the order, anywhere in the Continental USA, Alaska, Hawaii and Puerto Rico.

USPS Priority:                                               USPS Express:
up to $400 - $13.00                                       up to $300 - $30.00
$401 - $700 - $17.00                                    $301 - $600 - $35.00
$701 - $1000 - $21.00                                   $601 - $1000 - $40.00

Optional Fed Ex is also available - insured for the value of the order, in the Continental USA only.  Call for a quote for any orders over $1000, or for Fed Ex shipping.  

APO, FPO, Canada, Mexico, Europe and points beyond are shipped by US Mail or UPS at customers request and are priced accordingly.*


*All duties and import fees paid by us will be charged to the credit card as part of the order.

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